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Jellybean is a data privacy company founded on the principles of personal agency, accountability and value co-creation.
We are on a mission to promote personal data autonomy so you can do all the things you do when you’re connected with:







Shared Reward

It’s about putting you in charge of your digital self.
Our mobile app is geared to empower you to reclaim,
protect and activate your personal data in ways that
benefit you and society. 


Privacy controls at your fingertips


Share a little. Share a lot. You decide


Earnings & perks in your digital wallet

Digital privacy and personal data autonomy are every human being’s natural born right.

The Founders of Jellybean Software believe that society is at a pivotal moment where antiquated systems can transcend into human-first design enabled by ethical technology, new business models, and evolved value systems that serve humanity.

Our mission is to shape an ethical personal data ecosystem that prioritizes individual privacy and data autonomy to foster social well-being.

Good for people.

Good for business.

The way things should work.