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Not really. We all sense it but feel pretty powerless to do anything about it.

                Not only is it annoying, but your                 personal privacy is being invaded. 

Every time you click, like, share, or post anything your personal data is being tracked, captured, and sold.

Here’s the thing: Data is Big Business.

We think it should be your business – when it’s your data.

We believe the digital world can become a trustworthy place with new rules like operating with

transparency, respect, fairness and intent.


Let’s change the game.

Meet Jellybean

It’s about putting you in charge of your digital self.
Our mobile app is geared to empower you to reclaim,
protect and activate your personal data in ways that
benefit you and society. 


Privacy controls at your fingertips


Share a little. Share a lot. You decide


Earnings & perks in your digital wallet

With Jellybean,

your Personal Data Privacy Manager:

You own your digital identity.
You get personalized protection.
You get transparency and rewards.