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Tracy Arrington, Marketing and Media Executive Joins Jellybean’s Advisory Board

Feb 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Austin, Texas February 2, 2022 — Jellybean Software announced today that seasoned executive Tracy Arrington has joined Jellybean Software’s Advisory Board. She is strategically positioned to help align the data privacy startup to the needs of brands and marketers navigating the turbulent digital advertising space being heavily impacted by ongoing changes in data privacy regulations and traditional data tracking methods as well as growing consumer concerns around data privacy.

Tracy Arrington is a marketing and media executive with 25 years of experience serving the world’s top brands. She currently serves as COO/Co-Managing Partner of Brain+Trust, an Austin-based consultancy specializing in strategy and modern data solutions. She is also an assistant professor of practice teaching media and analytics at the University of Texas, Austin.

“I’m excited about Jellybean because they’re proactively bringing brands and consumers together to improve experiences for both parties. Too often today brands and customers are at odds. As concern over data privacy grows, the friction will only increase. With Web3 and blockchain upon us, brands must more effectively, and respectfully, connect with consumers who want their privacy protected, but still want customized and engaging ad content. I think Jellybean is building an environment where that can happen,” said Tracy Arrington.

“Tracy’s experience is a perfect complement to Jellybean’s aim to harmonize the consumer/brand experience by honing in on respectful data privacy practices as a brand advantage and game changer,” said Jellybean’s Co-founder and CEO, Cortney Isunza. “For many years, Tracy has been a vocal advocate for consumer privacy rights and has touted the benefits of employing ethical data practices to earn consumer trust and loyalty. We are thrilled to have her join us.”

About Jellybean Software:

Jellybean Software is a purpose led data privacy startup geared to build trust between humans and brands by promoting responsible collection and use of personal data. Jellybean enables improved customer experience, a more direct pipeline to accurate, first-person data, and a future-ready way to connect with current and potential customers that won’t be impacted by industry changes in the use of cookies and other tracking methods. Jellybean’s always consented, always compliant data fuels powerful programmatic decisioning to make media spends more efficient and impactful. Jellybean data gleans unique insights to delight customers while uplifting the brand for their commitment to treating customers with fairness and respect.